4 Great Reasons to Provide Canvas Bags Over Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags used to be all the rage, but times have changed over the last few years. Shoppers are now looking for less traditional shopping bag materials, including canvas. Here are just four reasons why canvas bags make a better choice than plastic ones.

  1. It’s Extremely Strong

Shopping bags need to be strong if they’re to go the distance without tearing apart and dumping your customer’s purchases all over the floor. Unfortunately, plastic bags can often sag and come apart – they just aren’t very dependable. In contrast, canvas is an extremely strong material. That’s why it used to be used for tents and outdoor equipment. Beyond strength, it’s also very durable. Customers can keep using their canvas shopping bags for years and years after first picking them up.

  1. It’s Washable

Plastic bags can get a little dingy over time. They can even pick up stains. You might be saying that the same is true of canvas bags, but canvas has an ace up its sleeve. While it can get grubby when used for more than a few months, it can also be thrown into the washing machine. Any stains and dirt will be easily washed away, so bags can stay hygienic and looking their best without a worry.

  1. It’s Great for Printing

The bags you provide represent a fantastic marketing opportunity and substituting plastic for canvas lets you take full advantage. The problem with plastic bags is that they tend to bunch up, which obscures your message. Canvas doesn’t do that, and it tends to take printing better than plastic. You want to get your name out there, so choose canvas shopping bags for your customers.

  1. It’s Eco-Friendly

Last but not least, canvas is far better for the environment than plastic. It’s a natural fibre that doesn’t require much in the way of resources, and it’s entirely biodegradable. In contrast, plastic bags require petroleum during the production phase and don’t break down very well.