3 Ways You Can Know What People Really Think About Your Brand

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In the world of business, being the owner or CEO of a company can blind you to the definition the public has about your brand. You obviously get to see the ups and downs of the profits your brand brings in, but it’s difficult to judge a customer’s perception of your company just by looking at assets and liabilities.

Be that as it may, your consumer’s opinion of your brand is what motivates and manipulates your sales and is something you should invest the time to be familiar with. Below are three ways you can broaden your vision of the customer’s perception of your brand.   

Ask Loyal Customers

From time to time, depending on the success of your business and the length of time you have been in business, you will actually run into some who have never heard of your company or brand before. Other times, you will run into new users. They can give you a unique perspective as far as a motive for choosing your product or service and how the opportunity presented itself.

However, it is the longtime loyal customers that you will most likely learn the most from. These are people who at one point and time decided to use your brand and found that it covered their particular needs and wants in a way that was specifically useful to them.

They will be able to tell you what changes along the way made things harder or easier for them. They can tell you what it is that brings them back to your brand time after time. Perhaps it is your customer service or how you manage to keep prices affordable for those making minimum wage. Your loyal customers can teach you a lot about your brand.

Find Your Haters

The next best group of people to consult will be your brand’s haters. No one enjoys getting critiqued by an ex of any type, but if you pass up the chance, you may lose the opportunity to make business saving or growing chances.

Find out what it was that drove them away from your company in the first place. Ask if it would be possible to win them back and if so, how might you go about doing it? You are bound to have the select few every now and then that cause trouble just for the sake of attention, but you can learn from them, too.

Pay attention to the subjects they draw attention to when they are debasing your brand. Make notes and then check to see if their claims could be substantiated or if they negate the rules of reality. Don’t let the haters get the best of you. Learn from them.   

Search Social Media

Since social media was invented, we have entered an unending conversation with the world. We share family outings and pictures, or our obsession with coffee, our children’s accomplishments, and how we feel about certain companies and their brands.

This is an opportunity for you to get an uninfluenced opinion from your consumers. Your customers are bound to mention brands that have a large impact on their life, whether it be good or bad.

Simply use social listening tools to see every time your brand has received a mention online. Then, comb through them to get a better understanding of the positive and negative effects your brand is having on the public, in general.

A business’s success or failure depends on the opinion of its customers and how flexible the brand can be when accommodating said customers. Use these tips to find out what they genuinely think about your brand and fix your sights on success.