3 Ways To Improve Your Business Reputation Through Customer Service

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One of the biggest factors that can contribute to having a solid reputation as a business is the way your customer service department functions. Even if you have the best products or amazing prices, if your customers feel that they’re not respected by your staff or that every interaction with a customer service member takes a negative turn, you’re going to have a hard time creating or maintaining any type of positive reputation in the eyes of the public, especially in today’s world. So to help ensure that your business doesn’t fail because of subpar customer service, here are three things you can do to improve your business reputation through your customer service.

Ensure A Consistent Attitude

Ideally, your company should have a brand and a way of thinking and interacting that’s unilateral over your entire organization. This should go for your customer service staff as well. As for their attitude and way of speaking with your customers and clients, Margarita Hakobyan, a contributor to Business.com, recommends trying to hire people who naturally have the personality that you’re trying to portray with your brand. By doing this, you’ll be able to better ensure that anyone who works with your customer service staff is going to be treated in a certain way and responded to with a consistent attitude and demeanor.

Always Respond To Negativity Online

Almost all businesses and their products and services have at least one negative review online. And while this can be something that gets under your skin, a single bad review won’t normally take down your entire company. However, if something negative about your business goes viral over social media, things can start to get out of hand quickly. To combat this with your customer service staff, Michele McGovern, a contributor to Customer Experience Insights, advises that you always respond to negatively online as soon as you can. Try to move the conversation to a more private setting if possible until a resolution or apology can be made.

Do More Than What Is Expected

Not only should you be striving to not have any negative customer service experiences, but you should actually have your staff try to have as many positive customer service experiences as they are able. In order to do this, it’s important to equip your staff with a good business phone system for starters. This will help customer service employees to transfer calls easily and reduce lost phone calls. Maybe businesses should look into sip trunking providers to get all of these features, and to save money on call costs. That could help businesses to handle calls better. To encourage more of these, Darrah Brustein, a contributor to Forbes.com, recommends that you give your customer service staff the freedom to go above and beyond what’s expected for your customers. By doing more than what’s expected, you’ll be able to pleasantly surprise your customers with a great experience coming out of one that could have gone badly for them.

If you need to do a little maintenance on your business reputation, consider using the tips mentioned above to start with your customer service team.