3 Ways to Make Your Home Office Look More Luxurious To Customers and Clients

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If you work from home but you frequently have customers or clients that meet you at your home office, it can be hard to find that aesthetic balance between having something that’s comfortable and livable for you but also shows your visitors that you’re a serious business person. One thing that can make this balance hard to strike is finances. Small businesses or startups often don’t have the extra funds to spend creating a beautiful home office. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to look more sophisticated without bankrupting your business. To show you how, here are three ways you can make your home office look more luxurious to your customers or clients.

Bring In Texture

Different textures will always make a space more interesting. REspecially in an office environment, having a variety of textures not only will be engaging to the eye, but it can also inspire your mind to think more creatively about problems. For a good balance of textures, Vanessa Castro, a contributor to Complex.com, recommends using different textures for things like window coverings, throw pillows, and rugs. This can take your office from something that resembled a stark and boring space to something that shows your visitors that you’re ready to work. If you don’t have room for some of these things, considering decorating the walls instead, perhaps with some of these wall stickers, to break up the vast areas of empty space.

Upgrade With Molding

If your home office doesn’t already have crown molding or another type of molding along the top edge of the walls and the ceiling, you might want to consider having this installed. Molding will always make a space appear classier, which is something that all businesses strive for. If installing interior molding isn’t a possibility for you, TipHero.com suggests putting molding on things like your bookshelves or other pieces of furniture to give the same feel. This can easily be done in a very short amount of time with just a few items.

Spice Up Your Lighting

Proper lighting can make any room sparkle. This is especially true for a home office, where the chances of needing various types of lighting are pretty high. Most people with home offices do a lot of different work in a lot of different areas, needing things like overhead lighting along with task lighting. For this reason, Bridget Mallon, a contributor to ElleDecor.com, advises bringing in things like lamps or ambient lighting to help step up your lighting game. You could also install a few mirrors to increase the lighting even more by allowing the light to reflect onto multiple parts of the room even though there’s just one light source.

If you’re concerned that the look of your home office doesn’t seem as professional as it should, use some of the tips mentioned above to make your space look and feel more luxurious.