3 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel More Comfortable In Your Store or Restaurant

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Portrait of male deli owner leaning on counter

If you own a business with a physical location, whether it be a retail store or a restaurant, one of your top priorities is likely giving your customers a great experience at your place of business. However, many businesses don’t quite know the best ways to do this. And even if you as a business owner know what you want your customers to feel when they’re at your store, you might have a hard time conveying those same ideas to your staff or those who directly interface with customers. So to help your customers always feel like they’re having a good experience with your business, here are three ways to make your customers feel more comfortable in your store or restaurant.

Set Physical Comfort As A Priority

If someone doesn’t feel physically comfortable, the chances of them also feeling like they’re having a good experience are also low. Making a customer feel comfortable goes way beyond customer service to a more fundamental level: safety and security. Andrew Medal, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, shares that especially for restaurants, you want to ensure your customers can be seated comfortably during their meal. You should also ensure that the temperature isn’t too cold or too hot, that the lighting isn’t too bright or too dim, and that the music isn’t too loud or too soft. By taking care of these physical needs in a attentive way, you’ll ensure that, at the very least, your customers won’t feel physically uncomfortable visiting your establishment.

Create An Atmosphere of Kindness

Once you’ve set yourself up for success with physical comfort, you’ve now got to focus on emotional comfort. This has everything to do with the customer service experiences your visitors have with your staff. Brian Honigman, a contributor to KISSMetrics.com, shares that one of the best ways to get your staff in the right mindset for communicating with customers is to instill in them a sense of kindness and gratitude toward the customers. By simply saying “thank you” and being willing to serve the customers however they need, your customers will feel appreciated and will always remember the kindness they are treated with from your staff.

Make Sales About Relationships

Another great way to make your customers feel more comfortable working with your business is to take the pressure off of making sales. Kevin Johnston, a contributor to Chron Small Business, writes that once you rethink sales from being about closing a deal to building a lasting customer relationship, you’ll see that sales are easier to make and recurring sales increase. Customers want to find companies they love to be loyal to, so make your company one of these few by changing the way you think about selling your products or services to your customers.
If your business needs start making your customers feel more comfortable, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.