3 Ways to Add Some Pizzazz to Your Logo

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If you were asked to picture someone holding a Coke, what would you see? You’d probably imagine someone you knew or knew of holding a can of Coke. How would know it was Coke and not Pepsi? How about if you were asked to envision a Happy Meal from McDonald’s?

The majority of us have either had the experience of repeated Happy Meals as children or we have treated our own to one on several occasions. However, what is it that helps you know that it is from McDonald’s and not Wendy’s?

It’s the logo that allows us to know where we are spending our money. A successful business finds a way to encompass its entire being in a unique, colorful, and simple logo. Below are a few ways to announce your business to the world with pizzazz.

Unique Physique

Did you ever find yourself in school wearing what you thought was the latest fashion only to find three other people copying your style? Ever been in trouble for plagiarism? Have you ever disappointed a customer because they mistook you for another company with a similar logo?

Our society prides itself on being original and unique. Most would consider mimicry a compliment, but when you are developing the signal the world will attach you your business, it’s not prudent to follow this path. Take some time to brainstorm about what you want people to think about when they think about your company.

Does your business cater more to a customer’s practical needs or emotional needs? Is your target audience younger or older? Should your logo communicate a serious demeanor or lighter thoughts? Considering these points will help you find just the right image.

Color Speaks Volumes

Have you ever noticed the pattern of colors that seem to haunt certain genres of business? Next time you take a drive down the strip in town, take notice of the color schemes employed by most of the eateries, grocery stores, or the occasional construction site.

Businesses have put a lot of time and money into research that regularly suggests that color has an effect on everything about us from emotion and self-esteem to hunger and how we practice our political views.

For example, take that trip down the strip into consideration. Think about all the fast food restaurants. What are the two main colors you seem the most often? Red and yellow. The color red is proven to stimulate hunger. It also raises your heart rate and provokes impulse buying. Yellow is said to produce a cheerful spirit and is used to attract window shoppers. Put these two colors together and you have the perfect recipe for selling fast food.


Simplicity is the currency of success. Keep it simple silly. When a potential customer sees your logo, they should be able to immediately understand why you chose it. It should be witty but shouldn’t prompt a riddle.

For example, consider the Toys R Us logo. In the actual logo, the R is backward. The sign tells you very prominently what they are about while catching your attention to the unusual aberration of a backward letter. Another great example is the Ghostbuster logo. This may be a fictional business, but the concept is the same.

As soon as you see their symbol, you know they are all about getting rid of ghosts. Then, there is the Target logo. What did they choose to represent their title? A bullseye, or target baiting the customer to imagine this business as their target when shopping for certain needs.

Your logo represents your company like face represents you. Take the time to make a logo that people can recognize as easily as their mother and you are bound to expand your bottom line.