3 Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Body While At Work

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While you might have a great job and an amazing health routine that you use when you’re not in the office, the hours you spend sitting in a chair and staring at a computer can be hard to handle even for the most healthy or satisfied person. The strain that can be caused both physically and mentally from having to be seated for extended periods of time during the day can be very damaging over time. So to help those who want to be healthy but still have to work a desk job for their business, here are three tips for taking better care of your body while at work.

Protect Your Eyes While Using The Computer

Almost all businesses use computers or other screens for a large portion of the day. And while this can make work happen a lot faster and more effectively, it can be very hard on the eyes and brains of those using these products. To help lessen this strain, Gary Heiting and Larry K. Wan, contributors to AllAboutVision.com, recommend doing things like getting your eyes examined, reducing the glare off your screens, and using the right lighting settings to help your eyes better adjust to what you’re looking at on your screens. By taking proper care of your eyes in these scenarios, you’ll have less stress on your optics as well as minimizing your risk of headaches.

Get A Better Desk Chair

If you spend the majority of your time at work sitting in a desk chair, you better make sure you’re using one that will help your body maintain good posture and reduce your chances of back aches. However, this often means spending a little bit more money on a chair that adheres to certain rules of ergonomics. To find the right seat for you, NerdFitness.com writes that you should choose one that allows you to sit with your feet firmly on the ground, has a good cushion for your rear, and supports your lower back. If any one of these things isn’t up to par, you could have some major back issues as well as pain or fatigue throughout your entire body.

Move Around When You Can

Although it’s very helpful to have a chair that’s right for your body and a screen that takes it easy on your eyes, nothing can replace simply getting up and moving around. By taking a few minutes every couple of hours to get out of your chair and move your body, you’ll help keep your physical self limber while simultaneously keeping your mental self refreshed and ready for work. According to John Patrick Pullen, a contributor to Time.com, some other options to help get your body moving throughout the day are to use a standing desk or a treadmill desk. While these options might not work in every work environment, it may be worth it to discuss these possibilities with others within your organization.

If you’re concerned with how spending time working on your business could be negatively affecting your health, use the tips mentioned above to counterbalance any possible damage done.