Best Wireless Gadgets to Save You Time and Money

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The home in the 21st century is a vastly different place to just a few years ago; just about every home will now have a broadband connection, plus a home computer, and we all have powerful smartphones that are capable of much more than we may have ever envisaged. It’s a world where we can access information on anything in an instant – thanks to the wonders of the internet – and even if the technology behind things baffles you (as it does most people) the end result is certainly welcome. Have a look around your home – or even your office – at how many items have computer controls, and you may be surprised!

Wireless technology has taken things to an entirely new level; the ability to communicate with electronic devices without a physical connection has many benefits, and enables us to utilise gadgets that are both useful and fun. There are some such gadgets that, in fact, can not only save you time and make life easier, but can also save you money in the long run. What exactly are we talking about? Let’s have a look at a couple of them.

Wireless Thermostat

Have a think about your central heating system; it likely heats your water as well as providing heat for the home in the colder months. It is also one of the major expenses among your household bills, so any way to save money by enhancing its efficiency is a bonus, yes? Well, we reckon the new breed of hi-tech wireless thermostats are the way forward.

Your heating system likely has a thermostat, but these ones take things to an entirely new level. The best models work using your broadband connection; this means you can access the system – and instruct the heating to come on, switch off, adjust the heat or timings using an app on your mobile phone, wherever you may be. Some of these devices also use your phones location settings to know when you are nearing home, so they can automatically ensure the heating comes on in good time! They really are excellent little devices, and surprisingly affordable, too.

Wireless Doorbell

Why are we recommending wireless doorbells? Well, everyone needs a doorbell so they know who is at the door, but the rigmarole of plumbing one into the mains is a pain you can do without! Also, many of us have uPVC door frames now, and drilling into these is not a great idea. Wireless doorbells work without a physical connection, and are easy to fit.

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