Make More Money With A Well Designed Business Website

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If your business already has a website, then you are already on your way to success.  Simply building a business website is only a piece in the puzzle of digital success.  There are certain design aspects that will help you to draw in more visitors on a more regular occasion.  

Integrating these helpful hints is much easier than you may imagine.  Take a second to check out this brief summary of a few aspects of web design proven to be more influential than others in boosting your organization’s success online.  

Place emphasis on communication

Your business website will essentially serve as your digital store location.  Communication is vital to the success of your online operations, and you should place an opportunity and emphasis on communication whenever possible. 

A great example of an emphasis on communication is displayed in the design of this website’s setup.  Check out how there are three different communication opportunities on just one screen of the site.  

Learn all you can about SEO

Search engine optimization will turn the lights on when it comes to your business website’s design.  If you really want to know why your site isn’t drawing in visitors, research the ins and outs of search engine optimization.  

Become an expert on the subject, and your site’s listings will quickly move up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  Placing first is always the ultimate goal, but listing on the first page is extremely beneficial.  

Optimize your design for mobile users

Accessing the internet via a mobile device is now more common than those who access the internet through their personal computer or laptop.  Designing your site for a 17-inch screen is no longer the goal.  

Make sure that your business site is designed in such a way that visitors no longer have to pinch or swipe to properly view the content of your pages.  Web users will not waste their time fiddling with your website when there are five others that will serve a similar purpose.  The online market is far more competitive than was a decade ago.  

Build a collection of well-written blog posts

Building a business blog not only keeps your readers stimulated and engaged in the content of your website; it allows your business to branch out and build backlinks.  Backlinks help you to build your domain authority ratings, and inevitably boost your organization’s digital visibility.  

Blog posts also give your website a great tool for the integration of social media share buttons.  Web users are used to having the option of instantly sharing their “finds” with their friends on social media sites.

Make navigation simple on your website

Make it easy for users to find their way around your website.  Work a navigation bar into the design of your site, so users may easily move from place to place within the map of your design.