Make Your Next Event Amazing with These Little-Known Tips & Tricks

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Taking your next (or first!) event from drab to fab can be tricky. There are a lot of nuances to consider. While there are a lot of ideas floating around the net for decorations and services, there aren’t that many that go into the more subtle details of what makes an event great. Here we will be touching on both things to consider that will truly make any event great, as well as ideas for what to do! 

Have a backup plan, just in case.

It’s easy to invest all your eggs in one basket. You want to make your next event the best it can be. But if you divert just a little time to a backup plan, even if everything goes wrong, you can still have a great time. While it may take a little extra umph to get it going, it saves the day – and a lot of stress – when things might not go according to plan.

Strike a balance with people.

When you’re an extrovert or the b-day boy or girl, it’s easy to want to invite everyone you know from close friends to friends-of-friends-of-friends. But finding a good balance of people is key to having a great time. Not only does it ensure that everyone will have a good time, it means that you, as the host, can still greet and have conversations with all of your guests, and that you don’t have to worry about people potentially butting heads.

Don’t be afraid to go somewhere new & fun.

There are plenty of fun places to go, but a lot of them have that ‘been done’ feeling. If you’ve already tried a few places, or if you want to make your first event really pop, then you should consider a Race Party. They’re fun for kids and adults, and can really get everyone at your event involved and having fun. Follow it up with other fun to-dos like scare rooms to really make your event unforgettable!

Appropriate & delicious eats.

Having great food is essential to any successful event, but remember to plan appropriately and accordingly. If your event is focused on kids, feel free to go gourmet – but stick with pizzas, hotdogs, and burgers. Likewise, if your event is for adults, it may be appropriate to include some low-proof alcoholic beverages.

A great time in a time frame.

While hosting an event to remember can be fun, you have to consider the time frame. Sure, you probably sent out invites to make sure everyone had their schedules clear, but consider other factors. Do your guests have work the next day? Perhaps 1 parent will be monitoring their 3 children by themselves because their partner can’t make it? Rather than cramming several activities into a short timeframe or several over the course of the day, have a timeframe with fun activities that works for most. If someone needs to leave early, it’s okay. And if several people want to stay late – well, you have that backup plan, right?

Whether you’re old hat or brand new to planning events, utilizing these tips and finding the perfect place to go are sure to make your next event a great one! When it’s all boiled down, a little consideration goes a long way when creating an event! If need be, you can even use a check list to help keep everything in order.