Design For Business: Successful Elements Of Web Design

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Almost every aspect of the modern world revolves around the internet in some way.  Due to the immense integration of a digital presence in our lives, people are becoming more picky than ever when it comes to an attractive web design.  

An aesthetically pleasing format is only the beginning.  Designing a website that draws viewers into the desire for more is one of the best tools an entrepreneur can master.  Take a look at these helpful hints, highlighting a few successful elements of web design.

Attractive color schemes draw the eye

The overall esign of a website should sport a uniform color scheme that complements and accents the company’s logo and content images.  When it comes to building a successful color scheme, there are a few basic schemes to consider, according to the principles of color theory.  

Anlogous Colors – These are colors that reside as neighbors on the color wheel.  This scheme typically appears in nature and is low on contrast.  

Complementary Colors – These are colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel.  Bold contrast results from this combination.

Monochromatic Colors – These are different shades of the same color.  For example, blue, light-blue, dark blue…etc.

Provide an informative “About Us” page

A website’s “About Us” page should inform the digital community about key players in the business.  This is also a great place to showcase a few of the company’s shining success stories.  

Try to avoid presenting these stories in a static and cheesy way.  People live every day reading and viewing endless content on the internet.  It is important to be creative.  Here is a great example of an informative and interactive “About Us” page design.  

Keep communication open and fluent

Communicating with a company’s target audience is imperative.  Excellent communication efforts will build trust between the public and the business.  People need to feel like they are being heard when something goes awry.  

More importantly, they enjoy feeling recognized when they are trying to share something positive.  Design a “Contact Us” page with plenty of ways to contact someone in the business, so people do not have to guess when they need more information.  

Creative content solicits success

The best way to produce mounds of excellent content on a website is to design a blog page.  Every successful business site needs a hearty blog, equipped with interactive social media share buttons.  

If readers read something they enjoy, it should take them less than a couple seconds to link that post to their social media profile for all their friends to see.  Once a company’s blog makes an appearance on social media, the possibilities for success rise dramatically.